Detailed Title of the Project: "Prevention of Violence by Improving the Relations between School (Teachers) and Parents; Development of a Special Teachertraining including the Use of New Information Technologies".

Welcome to the website of the European Project PIE – „Partners in Education“. Based on the Comenius 2.1 activities the project is to lead to the improvement of cooperation between schools and parents in European schools. In addition, the building-blocks for a teacher-training-programme are to be developed in 5 European nations. This website contains information on contents and aims, structures and the project’s progress. The partners from Denmark, Germany, France, Greece and Poland will offer insight on their school-life, the work with parents, and their activities in the course of the project. Further more you will find general information about the partners’ countries, special aspects of their school-systems and about already tested programmes on the area of parent involvement.

Aside from the various possibilities of information, this site also may serve you as a source for contacts. Are you perhaps interested in a special activity or a special subject? Then you are welcome to contact a partner directly! Through this an interesting and intercultural exchange on parents-work will be possible. This site is update regularly in order to continuously document the process of project-work. You are always welcome to check back and to join our community of PIE – “Partners in Education”!
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