This area should contain contact information such as address, fax and telephone numbers, e-mail etc.; Of course this can be accompanied by a text. This is followed by a list of links that can be edited online (new staff, email addresses, contact partners etc.)

Coordination Office/Koordinierungstelle
Here you will find the contact information of the coordination office in Germany. For contact information about the projekt partners please click on >partners in the main menue.


News of your project
This area can be used for presenting top news (about your project, school or organisation) that can stay listed for longer periods of time. This area can of course be edited as well.
Plug-Ins here
Here you can offer films, flash files and other plug-ins that will open in a different window (for example a movie clip).
Search - incl. index
Our search system can index an unlimited number of pages for free; the results will be shown in the middle portion of the page.