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Prolog:  The Danish School System
Introduction:  Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In Denmark, education is regarded as an ’equality-promoting formative tool’ and primary and lower secondary education, i.e. the local authority schools for children (folkeskole), is therefore comprehensive,...
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Partner:  Egtved Skole
Introduction:  The school has at present 500 pupils from the pre-school class up till the 10th form level.

The 10th form level receives pupils from all over the municipality, and so do the three special classes at the school.
From the pre-school class to the...
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Partner:  Odense Seminarium
Introduction:  CVU FYN

CVU FYN comprises of one joint unit and three partner institutions.
Odense Seminarium
Fyns Pædagogseminarium
Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitets afdelinger på Fyn

Professional Bachelor Programmes
The partner institutions of the CVU...
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Partner:  School and Society (Skole og Samfund)
National Administration
Introduction:  Who are we?
Skole og Samfund (The National Association of Schoolparents) is the only Danish association for parents of school children. It covers the whole of Denmark. Our members are schoolboards members, elected by parents, parental organisations...
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