School :  Egtved Skole
Address:  Hjelmdrupvej 1
City:  Egtved
Zip/Postal Code:  6040
Country:  Denmark
Phone:  0045-7555-1733
Fax:  0045-7555-0070
E-Mail:  Villy Nielsen

Egtved Skole

The school has at present 500 pupils from the pre-school class up till the 10th form level.

The 10th form level receives pupils from all over the municipality, and so do the three special classes at the school.
From the pre-school class to the sixth form the year groups are not divided into classes.

The staff consists of the headteacher, two deputy-headteachers, 43 teachers, two pre-school teachers, and six pedagogical assistants - all in all 39 women and 15 men.

The present school board supports new thinking and takes active part in communicating new initiatives to the parents.

The oldest part of the school was built in 1958 and over the years renovations and extensions have been carried out so that today the school appears in a modern form with good rooms for special subjects. However, deficiencies do exit in order to be able to fulfil the educational demands of today. Hopefully, the plans of extensions in the near future will remedy this fact.

The school is divided into sections: The pre-school class to the 3rd form level, the 4th to the 6th form level, the 7th to the 9th + the 10th form level, and the three special classes.

At the school there are good outdoor facilities. Next to the playing ground there is a sports hall.

The closest neighbour to section of the pre-school class to the 3rd form level is the base for the school-leisure time provision. At present it has 100 pupils connected to it.

Parts of the history of the school

Open-plan school:
By building of the open-plan section in 1975 we also started a pedagogy which already at that time required a close co-operation in teacher-teams.

The school day is split up into modules where short breaks can be put in when suitable.

Pupil/teacher dialogue:
In 1989/90 we introduced a practice of pupil/teacher dialogues. The equal dialogue between the pupil and a teacher, in whom the pupil has confidence, is meant to contribute to making the situation for the pupil at school the best possible. Every child "grows" by having the opportunity to tell about its experiences, difficulties, and aims, and the dialogue increases the teacher's possibility of planning the classes so they take their starting point at each pupil's level. With our present resources we can offer each pupil from the 1st form level and up one pupil/teacher dialogue per year.

The model for a "8-14"-school at Egtved Skole

By introducing the "8-14"-school model we want to create more coherence for the pupils by:

- Avoiding too many changes among home, school-leisure time provision, school, and leisure-time activities.

- Giving the pupils better conditions for work, more time for learning, and providing them with the best outlets for their energy.

- Making the best possible use of materials, premises, and outdoor facilities.

- Creating better opportunities among the grown-ups around the pupils for a closer co-operation.

In connection with the introduction of the "8-14"-school, the number of lessons was increased by ten lessons per week. These lessons are used for practical workshop, physical workshop, one extra lesson for maths workshop plus what by we have chosen to call "space of the form" where many different things can take place f. ex. discussions, solving of problems, celebrating birthdays etc..

Open house:

The parents are always welcome in the lessons.

Parents' meetings:
At every level there is one parents' meeting a year. The contents and the course of the meeting are planned in co-operation with the parents' council. Subjects concerning all the level can be discussed.

Parents' consultations:
There are two parents' consultations a year, each lasting about 20 minutes. We prefer that the pupils are present.

Pupil/teacher dialogue:
Each pupil has one pupil/teacher dialogue before the parents' consultation.

Parents' council:
A parents' council consisting of 4 - 6 persons is chosen among the parents at each level once a year. The council's task is to take part in the planning of the parents' meeting and at arrangements for pupils at the level in question, especially the practical work connected with these arrangements. After the 6th form level it is up to each form if they want to establish a parents' council.

  Pre-school class | 1st form | 2nd form | 3rd form
Danish   6 7 7
Language workshop 2^ 2 2 2
Maths + science   3 3 3
Maths workshop 2^ 2 2 2
Christian studies   1 1 1
Music   2 2 2
PE and sport 2 2 2 2
Art   2 2  
Semester       2
Practical workshop 3^ 3 3 3
Physical play   1 1 1
Space of the class   5 5 5

^ = The pre-school class starts the workshops when the pupils are ready for them.


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