University :  Odense Seminarium
Address:  Asylgade 7-9
City:  Odense C
Zip/Postal Code:  5100
Country:  Denmark
Phone:  0045-7020-8390
Fax:  0045-7020-8360
E-Mail:  CVU Fyn
Internet:  CVU Fyn

Odense Seminarium
Center for Teacher- and Adult Training/Education

This is the main building of our institution in the center of Odense

CVU FYN comprises of one joint unit and three partner institutions.
  • Odense Seminarium

  • Fyns Pædagogseminarium

  • Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitets afdelinger på Fyn

  • Professional Bachelor Programmes
    The partner institutions of the CVU offer the following new Professional Bachelor Programmes in:
    • Teacher Training
    • Educationist Training

    Further Education and Training
    CVU FYN offers further education and training at a high academic level and provides a study environment for adults as well as guidance and academic advice on choice of and planning of courses and studies up to the Diploma level.
    The CVU offers further education and training for teachers, educators, and others with an education at the Bachelor’s level.
    In the future the further education and training programmes are to be developed by Educational Research Centres which are currently in a build-up phase.

    Research and development is seen in close relation to the development of the Professional Bachelor programmes and the further education and training programmes. The practice of the professions is therefore a key notion within the professional profile, and the overall perspective of the CVU.
    It is the mission of the CVU that the Professional Bachelor programmes and the further education and training programmes shall become an essential part of a development-oriented practice in the institutions of its participants and thus benefit the children, the young people, and adults who use these.


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