Parent-Assn. :  School and Society (Skole og Samfund)
National Administration
Address:  140 A, Gammel Kongevej
City:  Frederiksberg C
Zip/Postal Code:  1850
Country:  Denmark
Phone:  0045-3326-1721
Fax:  0045-3326-1722
E-Mail:  Skole og Samfund

Cooperation of Parents and Schools in Denmark

Who are we?
Skole og Samfund (The National Association of Schoolparents) is the only Danish association for parents of school children. It covers the whole of Denmark. Our members are schoolboards members, elected by parents, parental organisations and individual volunteers. The association is organized with local branches in each county. The national secretariat in Copenhagen is managed by a full time professional staff of 7 persons. It is our goal to strengthen the "Folkeskole" (the publicly provided primary and comprehensive school for pupils aged 6-17) in its co-operation between the school and the home. To achieve this goal we offer support and education to our members. The following is a short summary of what we offer; courses, meetings, a magazine, leaflets, books, problem solving, and a telephone service.

We work closely with all the organisations involved in the functioning of the "Folkeskole". For example: Danmarks Lærerforening (The Danish Teachers Union) and Danmarks Skolelederforening (The Danish Head Teachers Union).

Skole og Samfund is the parents' voice to the Ministry of Education. We achieve political power by uniting our views and presenting them to the ruling boards and committees.

Skole og Samfund is a member of the European Parents Association (EPA). EPA represents more than 100 million parents in the European Union. For more information go to the EPA home page.

What do we do?


School and Society hold courses throughout Denmark with the purpose of encouraging the school boards with their work. The following covers the type of agenda used in these courses:
  • School and home co-operation

  • Parental contact

  • The competence of the school boards

  • Financial decentralisation

  • Publications
    School and Society publishes books, leaflets, and games. Our books are indispensable to school boards who wish to know about the rights and possibilities they have.

    For example:
  • LOV-LEX - The law governing the "Folkeskole" (this publication includes relevant parental comments).

  • The School Board and Finance - This publication covers financial decentralisation and its implications.

  • Other publications have been published as hand-outs to parents. These publications are the tools which often generate a dialogue between the school and the home. For example:
  • Happiness is a good school

  • Are you listening …!?

  • School and Society have also published 2 games which are very useful as an explanation aid when parents and teachers are in discussion:

  • Build a School

  • Magazine
    School and Society's magazine is called SKOLEBØRN. It is published 10 times a year and is read by parents, teachers, school administrators and politicians.
    The publication has three main purposes:
  • To illustrate issues from the parents' point of view.

  • To bring ideas up for discussion and to generate new ideas.

  • To be used as a working reference

  • How can we help you?
    As a member of School and Society you have access to the following:
  • Courses and meetings organized for parents.

  • Our magazine, leaflets, books, and other information.

  • Assistance with interpreting, negotiating and problem solving.

  • Development of the school through co-operation between the parents and teachers, including visions of the school of the future.


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