Meeting :  Evaluation of the Wetzlar Meeting
Date:  24.05. - 27.05.2002

The meeting that took place on 24-27/5/2002 at Wetzlar concerning the theme and the organization of the project, was very useful.

Hartmut Balser, Carlo Schulz, Jens Hilderbrand, Chris Starke and their colleagues have done an excellent job. Hartmut Schewe, the Director of the School Board, supported our efforts with his observant comments and suggestions.

All partners attended all workshops with great interest. In my point of view it is very important to have better, clearer and more information about the real problems other partners face at their schools and countries, in general.

We realized that there is, indeed, violence at schools and that it must be faced efficiently with new ideas and prevention. Parents can play a fundamental role in improving our efforts to deal with violence in school. For this purpose we put down the elected aims of the project very clearly and we started planning our next steps.

Contemplating the huge field of the theme, we focused on and clarified the aims of the project and each partner, chose a defined part of the subject to deal with. All shall have scientific support by the University of Patras.

Although the team of my school prepared a questionnaire dealing with the relationship between teachers-parents-students, I preferred not to present it at this time to the partners. I decided that it was better to receive Prof. Todt’s questionnaire first. In future I might add to it some of our questions.

In my opinion the workshop dealing with the presentation of the questionnaire was the most important. It was the heart of the whole meeting. The questionnaire will give us the existing reality. It will help us to realize the existing situation and to see the distance from the ideal status. I think we have a long distance to cover. The idea of having each partner cope with a special part of the project will lead to further research in order to come to practical and applicable conclusions.

The introduction to the tasks we have to do in the coming future, was important too. The lack of or the inadequate communication between parents & school, parents & students and school & students is regarded as the main cause of conflicts in school or outside. The improvement of this communication will add confidence and it will minimize the gap between them.

Our constructive meeting led us to another existing problem, which is the communication between partners. The creation of a website will greatly help us to have continuous touch between us. Also, the creation of a homepage by each partner is a clever way in keeping all interested persons, beside partners, aware of the project.

Finally, I think it is of great importance to persuade and convince more parents or the parents’ association in schools to join our efforts.

I am eagerly looking forward to our next meeting in Patras, Greece, with the questionnaire already answered.

Ioannis Dimakos


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