Section :  1. Project Activities in Greece

We are always in contact with parents, either through the members of their association or personally. This does not mean that there is no further field for more improvement of these contacts.

From the beginning of our project the teacher-group of my school met with the parents’ association and the five-member board of all classes. The purpose of these meetings was to hear from the representatives of our students and their parents’ comments about the existing status between teachers-students-parents. The whole of the project is under the scientific support of the University of Patras.

We, the teachers, realised that there is more to do. We concluded that we have to work on motivation models and think further how to prevent violence. The upgrade of the relationship between all parameters involved (teachers-students-parents) will give us the opportunity to come closer. At the present stage, I would suggest that parents should and could get more involved in school life.

After our meeting at Wetzlar (May, 2002) things are aligned to the target. The sub-subjects of the whole theme will converge towards the heart of the problem. Surely there will be important conclusions, which will be useful in improving the climate of the class and in facing the problem efficiently.

To improve the climate in classroom and the school, fundamental parameters should be kept in mind by teachers, students and parents.

Thus, teachers should:

• Give students equal opportunities
• Regard each student as an individual personality
• Be friendly, fair and strict
• Be able to deal with conflicts and face aggressive behaviour
• Take part in specific programs and promote motivation skills
• Communicate with students and parents.

Students should:

• Behave politely
• Keep their class tidy, clean and respect others’ belongings
• Be frank and take their own responsibilities
• Not provoke other students
• Tolerate others for their possible unfair behaviour (abuses, attacks etc)
• Cooperate with the Headmaster and teachers in every way, parents should:
• Be fair and objective to students and teachers
• Communicate with their children and teachers
• Cooperate with the school
• Get involve in school’s affairs in matters concerning their children
• Not accuse teachers in front of their children, even if teachers are wrong
• Join efforts with the parents’ association.

Further Activities

During the coming work-term:
• We plan meetings with the teacher-group of my school, the parents’ association (and other interested parents) and the University of Patras scientific team. Also, we plan meetings with the five-member board of the students
• We shall cooperate with other institutions to whom we have already made proposal
• We shall translate the given questionnaire
• The questionnaire will be answered by students, parents and teachers
• We shall try to conclude and code the results of the questionnaire. This part of the work will take long time, because we need statistic methods to code the given answers and make the appropriate graphics
• We shall try to photograph and film our efforts

Beyond the above activities we shall do whatever is more needed to promote the success of the program. We deeply believe that the outcome of this task will be constructive and the whole climate in schools will be improved.


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