In this area you'll find important information regarding all meetings of the project teams. The meetings are ordered chronologically!
Title:  1. Meeting in Wetzlar - Germany
Date:  24.05. – 27.05.2002
Subject:  The first meeting in Wetzlar served getting to know the participants and to prepare the work to be done concerning its content and time arrangements. Concerning the work, it was decided at first to state the actual state of the cooperation of...
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Title:  Evaluation of the Wetzlar Meeting
Date:  24.05. - 27.05.2002
Subject:  The meeting that took place on 24-27/5/2002 at Wetzlar concerning the theme and the organization of the project, was very useful.

Hartmut Balser, Carlo Schulz, Jens Hilderbrand, Chris Starke and their colleagues have done an excellent job. Hartmut...
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Title:  2. Meeting in Bordeaux - France
Date:  23. - 27. 04. 2003
Subject:  The second meeting served to get to know the recorded actual states and to develop the further steps from this. On this basis the expert teams for a central teacher training course and the planned film documentation first concrete steps for contents...
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Title:  3. Meeting in Patras - Greece
Date:  14.10. – 21.10.2003
Subject:  The third meeting was very intensive with work and good results. The work group dealing with the model course, developed a main course to be completed with country typical contents by every project partner. The film experts evaluated their...
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Title:  4. Meeting in Olsztyn - Poland
Date:  10.05. -14.05.2004
Subject:  The fourth meeting was characterized by the discourse on working results. The partners training programs and film documentations were presented and discussed. Talking about the different schoolsystems, historical and socio-cultural aspects were of...
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Title:  5. Meeting in Odense - Denmark
Date:  26.11. - 30.11.2004
Subject:  Looking forward to the fifth meeting in Denmark, all partners were full of expectation to get lively impressions from the Danish school system. In the intensive meeting emphasis was laid on the preparations for the projects completion. In the...
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