University :  Warmińsko-Mazurski Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli
Address:  ul. Głowackiego 17
City:  Olsztyn
Zip/Postal Code:  10-447
Country:  Poland
Phone:  0048-5330910
Fax:  0048-5272605
E-Mail:  W-MODN Olsztyn
Internet:  W-MODN Olsztyn

Teachers Training Centre in Olsztyn

Picture 1: Our front entrance Picture 2: The director of the institute, Mrs Anna Moscicka is opening a new computer science classroom
Teachers Training Centre in Olsztyn is a public autonomous institution which is focus on constant improving teachers qualifications from Warmia and Mazury region. It was established in 1958 and had different names. After the administration reforms in Poland since 01.09.1999 it has had the present name.
Thirty teachers with minimum five year experiences in schools or other education institutions work here. They also achieved a high assessment in their work and have the highest qualifications. They are experts on different subjects such as: Polish and foreign languages, science and art, sociologists and many others.
We have a wide contact with all the teachers from our region, headmasters and sociologists who come to us to learn and exchange the ideas. We also have a contact with students and their parents.
We advise and organise conferences, meetings, classes for primary and secondary school teachers, methology advisors, local authorities and also competitions for students.
Our region is very big, 24,2 thousand square km. (7,7% of Poland) and its population is 879,2 thousand in towns and 584,3 thousand in villages. We have inhabitants from different countries but mainly from Ukraine and Germany. Our region has the highest unemployment in Poland, about 23,6%.
There are about 24 721 teachers in our region and 273 709 pupils. About 23 thousand teachers and headmasters are taught in our institution.
We have a wide range of courses and meetings for the teachers which give them a new light on the education process. Our offer includes also such themes as how to prevent aggression and violence at school, co-operation between parents and teachers, how to bring up children, family therapy according prof. Mostwin, sexual education and many others.
Our institution co-operate with local authorities, teacher library, pedagogical advisers, universities and other education institutions. For 9 years we have been editing our own school magazine, Kajet in which teachers from the whole region can write about their experiences, teaching career, their achievements. We are interested in showing other countries and their education systems, as at the moment we are changing ours.


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